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Vox's policy and politics team explains everything you need to know about what's going on in Washington and what it means for your life.

Planned Parenthood leaves federal funding program thanks to Trump administration rule

How white women’s “investment” in slavery has shaped America today

The US government’s battle with Chinese telecom giant Huawei, explained

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I was skeptical of unions. Then I joined one.

A union isn’t just right for Vox Media, but for everyone.

Trump advisers are scrambling to sell the idea that a recession isn’t going to happen

The deadliest attack of the year in Kabul bodes poorly for the US-Taliban deal

Ahead of a far-right rally in Portland, Trump tweets a warning to antifa

Trump’s obsession with crowd sizes, explained

Trump calls Rashida Tlaib’s reversal on visiting Israel “a complete setup”

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Where every 2020 candidate stands on guns

Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s on-again, off-again visit to Israel, explained

The Trump Justice Department has declared war on progressive prosecutors

What Jeffrey Epstein’s case says (and doesn’t say) about human trafficking in America

The $15 minimum wage bill has all but died in the Senate

What happens next in the legal cases involving Jeffrey Epstein

Trump’s plan to buy Greenland, explained

The White House has a plan to let employers discriminate against LGBTQ workers

Cory Booker on why Democrats should go bolder on gun control

Trump’s trade policy is a disaster. Here’s what the next president should do.


What the US gets wrong about the minimum wage

Trump’s baffling, self-defeating attack on the New York Times

“A shameful, unprecedented move”: Democrats react to Israel blocking Omar and Tlaib’s trip

Trump’s transparent attempt to manipulate American Jews

Cardi B and Bernie Sanders’s video, and her longstanding interest in politics, explained

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is the latest Democrat to drop out of the presidential race

Why everybody’s worried about a recession again

You have a better chance of achieving “the American dream” in Canada than in America

Why the Jeffrey Epstein case inspires so many conspiracy theories

The day Philadelphia bombed its own people

Pete Buttigieg’s plan to use immigration to revitalize shrinking communities, explained

5 reasons asking women candidates about "electability" is misguided

Senators call for closing “loopholes” that make health care fraud easy

ACLU, Tofurky ask for an injunction on Arkansas’s anti-veggie burger law

Why Trump’s blurring of the line between campaigning and governing matters, explained by an expert

Jeffrey Epstein’s death and America’s jail suicide problem

Steve King says without rape and incest, there wouldn’t “be any population of the world left”

The Hunt’s cancellation and Hollywood’s history of self-censorship, explained

Bernie Sanders versus the “corporate media,” explained

A$AP Rocky is found guilty of assault in Sweden but gets to stay out of jail

The yield curve inversion panic, explained